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A Little Body, but Big Love

Muzen OTR Woods’s portable design allows you to carry it in your pocket easily. Made of precious rosewood, each Muzen OTR Wood has unique texture patterns, symbolizing the tiptop craftmanship and the natural beauty of wood. Features FM, Bluetooth, AUX three types of audio input; comes with a lithium battery with 10-hour playtime, Muzen OTR wood is easy to operate with amazing quality; it is a desktop radio embracing an extraordinary spirit and the integrity of its own belief.

Listen to Radio Caroline on the Muzen OTR Wood speaker using its Bluetooth and AUX capabilities through your phone, tablet or PC .

“It is a product of dreams; a story requires you to listen wholeheartedly.’'

A Determined Radio Enthusiast

Dejun Zeng, aged 61, a five-time winner of CES Innovation Awards; the designer of China’s first commercial tube amplifier, he has spent his entire life in designing audio and radios. In the past 30 years, Mr. Zeng has been trying hard to create his favorite audio products, and a high-quality retro-style radio is something he has wished for ages.
Muzen OTR Wood is made of wood and finished by hand. The profound experience of Mr.Zeng and his intricate and sophisticated craftsmanship are reflected in the flawless design and superb sound quality of Muzen. An almost perfect masterpiece. This compact and elegant design is inspired by Mr.Zeng’s passion for the radio cultural, a persistent and bold attitude he has all these years. Muzen OTR Wood and Radio Caroline share the same virtue or DNA of loyal to oneself regardless of what other people think.

A Salute to the Free Spirit of Radio Caroline

Radio Caroline was founded by the visionary Ronan O’Rahilly in 1964 to circumvent the mainstream radio stations' suppression of Rock 'n' Roll music in Europe; by broadcasting 24 hours a day, Radio Caroline inspired millions of music lovers, regardless of its unauthorized operation.
Despite the hostility of the British government and violent storms, Radio Caroline never gave up its dream. Assisted by the generosity of music fans, Radio Caroline has been operating almost without a break since the 60s, transmitting music to listeners around the world. Inspired by the radio culture, and in salute to the free spirit of Radio Caroline, Mr. Zeng, the designer of Muzen will launch Muzen 
OTR Wood to promote the further development of Radio Caroline.

Click here to learn more about Radio Caroline and listen to it live.

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